Pierce wears Sox hat, 'clearly' wants to return. Is LeBron next?

Just a day after his season with the Nets ended, according to ESPN New York, Paul Pierce has made it VERY clear that he wants to return to the Boston Celtics. 'How was that determined?' you may be asking yourself. Oh, a very clear, definitive, and indisputable sign. His choice in head attire.

Though Pierce, a free agent to be, walked through the Nets' practice gym on the team's breakup day without speaking to reporters, it was impossible to miss the 16-year veteran was wearing a Boston Red Sox hat that seemed to send a loud-and-clear message: His intended audience was Boston. He wants to go back. And he didn't care if the bad optics offended anyone on his last day as a Net.

GAME. OVER. Truth is coming home, ya'all! Dude was wearing a Red Sox hat! Dust off your jerseys! Take the shirts out of the attic! Put the souvenir cups through the dishwasher! Paul Pierce just announced to the world that he's coming back to Bean Town!

That might strike some of you as odd. Paul Pierce will turn 37 next season, and while the Celtics future might be bright, on the surface this team doesn't look ready to contend. Well, what if I told you that Paul Pierce isn't the only free agent about to sign with the green....

Uh ya, that IS LeBron James wearing Boston Red Sox Beats by Dre headphones.

Boom, you guys. Boom. Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and LeBron James. How's that for a 'contender'? Think they could win a couple games? Through back channels, the best friends club have finally united. Through their shared interest in the Boston Red Sox and presumably poor weather and high taxes, LeBron James and Paul Pierce have made it clear; it's Green time, baby.