Mark Jackson badmouths his Boston related assistants on the way out the door


During a Wednesday interview with the NBA's Sirius XM radio station, Jackson called out both Brian Scalabrine and Darren Erman without using their names. Scalabrine was demoted to the Warriors' D-League affiliate midway through the season after reportedly going five weeks without speaking to the head coach. Erman, who served as a coaching assistant in Boston under Doc Rivers, was later fired reportedly for recording private conversations among the Golden State players and coaches because he believed members of the coaching staff were badmouthing him within the organization.

Recently fired Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson spoke out about a several topics this past week on Sirius XM radio. Amongst those topics were the firing of two of his assists both of which have strong ties to the Boston Celtics.

The first assistant to cross paths with Jackson was Brian Scalabrine- someone who could very easily make his way back to Boston in some capacity.

If the reports are to be believed, Scal and Jackson were very obviously not on the same page. Any time you go over a month not talking to your boss, I think it’s a pretty good sign that your performance review is going to SUCK. In this case he got demoted down to the D-League on his way out the door. According to Jackson, his approach to handling the situation with Scal simply didn’t take.

[I] Hope that seeing me handle your disrespect, you’ll come around and realize this isn’t the way to handle it. Fortunately for me, it works for a lot of folks, there are some folks that just won’t get it and you have to handle them differently. I would do that differently.

A much trickier situation involved Darren Erman, who served as a coaching assistant under Doc Rivers. I mean… dude was taping conversations because he thought people were bad-mouthing him. I wonder if maybe they thought he was paranoid?

“As far as assistants, you have to pick people who are loyal and dedicated. It’s inexcusable what the second assistant (Erman) did. That cannot be tolerated. For folks to say, two situations, it’s obviously documented that they both were 100 percent wrong. The only fault I got is hiring those guys. I would use wisdom in who is around me.”

Erman has already been rehired by Danny Ainge to serve as the Celtics director of NBA scouting and Ainge is “not concerned at all” about the situation that led him to his firing in California.

If Danny isn’t worried, I’m not worried. Feel free to tape whatever you want, Darren. As long as it’s conversations about how high to hang Banner 18, I’m all for it.

Source: Jay King, MassLive

Photo: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez