LeBron and D-Wade brilliant, still, Pacers gave one away

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were brilliant especially in the fourth quarter of last night's game two road victory over Indiana. James and Wade combined for 22 of the Heat's 25 fourth-quarter points and they scored Miami's final 20 points.

An even more astounding statistic is the duo either scored or assisted on Miami's final 33 points.

Even so, the Pacers gave away a game they should have won.

Roy Hibbert had eight offensive rebounds and Lance Stephenson had a playoff career high 25 on 10-17 shooting along with six rebounds and seven assists.

What killed the Pacers is the shooting of David West and Paul George who combined for an anemic 9-32 (28%) from the field.

As a result Pacers fans can either take solace in the fact that it took heroics from the greatest player in the game and an all time top five shooting guard to squeak out a victory.

Or, they can be devastated that Indiana gave one away at home to the two time defending champions.

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