Kevin Love in Boston this weekend "Checking out what this city is all about"

Dirty Water News:
When asked why he was in town he responded ” I’m here to just check out the city and see what it’s like”… Tomorrow (actually today as it’s 2am) he will be walking around the city checking out all the sights . We hear he is headed to Del Frisco’s in this evening (Sat. Night). Sunday he will be going to the Red Sox game.

Well look who's in town? No way he won't be impressed. Now it will just come down to Danny and the Wolves (sounds like a band) agreeing on a price. I think Sully, Bass and Boston's 1st next year, as well as the Clippers 1st next year (which we own) would be a fair price for Kevin Love, but I'm assuming it will take more. Will just come down to how much more.

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