Glen "Big Baby" Davis might have taken out Jermaine O'Neal's knees for good

Two former Celtics bigs literally collided on the floor last night during game 6 of the Los Angeles Clippers - Golden State Warriors playoffs series.

We saw Jermaine O'Neal struggle with injuries during his time in Boston, and Glen "Big Baby" Davis dove into O'Neal's legs, hitting his right knee pretty hard. O'Neal limped off the floor, and is scheduled for an MRI today to look for damage.

This injury could keep O'Neal off the court for game 7 of the series, and perhaps mark the end of his career, should he choose to retire after this season.

From Bleacher Report:

Golden State Warriors center Jermaine O'Neal's status for Game 7—possibly the final game of his 18-year career—is uncertain after Glen Davis of the Los Angeles Clippers barreled into his knee during Game 6.

As one would expect, O'Neal isn't happy about it. According to Sam Amick of USA Today, the veteran big man was frank when asked his opinion of the incident:
"It's just a dirty play, to be quite honest. I mean I'm not going to go try to dive into somebody's legs—it wasn't a scramble for the ball. I respect people's ability to come out and perform and take care of their family based on their bodies.
"Either he has terrible balance as a pro athlete, or that was a dirty play. God don't like ugly."

As Jermaine O'Neal stated above, do you think it was an intentional dirty play, or do you think Big Baby has "terrible balance as a pro athlete?" I tend to think more of the latter, as I can't see Davis as the type of person who tries to hurt people intentionally, but perhaps the competitiveness of the series got to him. Voice your thoughts in the comments below.

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