Doc Rivers challenges Perk to fight

Like Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and others from the great 2008-2013 Celtic squads, it seems Kendrick Perkins has maintained a relationship with Doc Rivers. While the Oklahoma City Thunder were finishing a whooping on the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers "engaged" old friend Perk:

According to's Jay King, Rivers also joked, per DailyThunder:

"I coached Perk. I'm pissed at him. I can't believe what he was doing offensively."

Especially at this stage, Perkins has his limitations. He posted 8 points and 9 rebounds, just shy of his first double double this season.

While it obviously remains all quiet on the Celtic front, it's great to see some former Celts having success on the court. The Ubuntu bond will always run deep for those guys, no matter the jersey color. Though it seems one player remains the bad egg to many...

KG/Paul vs. Ray

Perk vs. Doc

Who you got?

For what it's worth, Perk might be the last guy I'd want to fight on the planet.