Brad Stevens a future Duke Blue Devil?

Duke's Mike Krzyzewski is one of the most high profile coaches on the planet, and when he finally elects to step down (he's now 67 years old) it's going to be a huge story.  With that in mind, people can't help but speculate on who his replacement might be.  ESPN's Jeff Goodman tackled the subject yesterday, listing several "likely" candidates for the job when Coach K decides to call it quits, including the Celtics' own Brad Stevens:

If Duke goes outside of the “family,” look for Stevens to be at the top of the list. No one on this list has accomplished more, and it’s not even close. Sure, Boy Wonder has been in Boston for only one year, but who knows what can happen in the NBA? Let’s say, for argument’s sake, he doesn’t get it done in the next few years with the Celtics. Krzyzewski has a ton of respect for Stevens and could try to persuade him to take over if Stevens isn’t winning enough in the league. Odds: 6-1

If the C's still stink 2-3 years from now and opt to let Stevens go, I could see the Rick Pitino route of college success-NBA failure-college dynasty as a possibility for him.  And if he's available when Krzyzewski retires, why wouldn't Duke be interested?

On the other hand Stevens could well be the Celtics coach for the next decade or more...

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