Bill Simmons offers "the most logical offer" for Kevin Love

Our most famous non-Wahlberg Celtics Super Fan Bill Simmons spoke about the state of the Celtics in his NBA related mailbag. It should come as no shock that securing the most sought after player in the NBA right now is going to be challenging.

Danny Ainge has amassed 17 picks over the next few seasons and a team full of assets to pull off some big time moves, so even if the asking price seems high, it isn't really. It's the price the C's knew they would have to pay, which makes the asking price within range.

Simmons explains:

The most logical offer: Both 2014 picks, both 2015 picks, Sullinger, Bogans and Bass’s expiring for Love. That’s four first-rounders (including the no. 6 pick). If they pulled it off, they’d have to move quickly on Houston’s Asik, even if it meant taking Jeremy Lin’s contract as the price for Asik — conceivably, they could absorb Asik with the aforementioned trade exception and absorb Lin’s deal with their cap space — which helps Houston because they need to dump the Lin/Asik contracts to pursue Carmelo.

You tell me: Could you compete in the East with a starting five of Love, Rajon Rondo, Asik, Jeff Green and Free Agent 2-Guard TBA? And could you make the Finals with a Big Three of James Harden, Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony? YES AND YES! Let’s do this!

Ugh. I don't like the idea of Asik or Lin on the Celtics, but if that's the price of Love, then I guess you have to do it. It's like getting to take the hottest girl in school to the prom, but you also have to drive her mom there who is subsequently a chaperone. You just gotta hope that eventually the mom finds another ride home and you have the after-prom party to proceed with the original plan of making a spectacle of yourself because you're out with the one everyone else wants.

In this scenario, the mom is the Asik/Lin poison pill double contract, the after-prom party is banners 18-21, Kevin Love is the prom queen, and we are screaming #IAmACeltic.

The important thing to walk into Memorial Day Weekend with is the knowledge that we have 1,000 options in front of us- several of which were expertly laid out by Mike Dyer this week. We are going get some moves going. Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. But some. Some big moves are coming.

Get ready for a rumor-laden and finger-crossing summer.

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