Antoine Carr Almost Played for the Celtics?

It's true from October 28, 1987:

Veteran forward Antoine Carr has signed an offer sheet with the Boston Celtics.  The Atlanta Hawks, for whom he has played the last 3 seasons, have 15 days to match.

Of course the Hawks matched.  What a bummer.  And they did so pretty much the next day:

Can you believe that?  The original "Big Dawg" in green?  Would've been superb as the first guy up front off the bench.  If you never saw Carr play here's what he gave you: toughness, ferocity, an inside presence and a really soft shooting touch.  He had a nice back-to-the-basket game in the post and could even step out and hit the perimeter jumper.  He'd have a long and fruitful career, lasting all the way until 2000 with the Grizzlies.  A big part of me thinks if the Celtics got anyone better than the combination of Roberts, Lohaus and Acres that year it would've been enough.  Carr absolutely would've been that guy.

And how cool would he have been with sunglasses?!  That's right folks for awhile Carr was like "screw the rec-specs, I'm wearing shades."  And he pulled it off!

2 guys in this picture almost helped the Celtics, 20 seasons apart

And as close as that occasion came to Boston acquiring him it wasn't a one-time thing; the Celts were also rumored to be trying to acquire Carr 4 years later in the summer of 1991.  This time they were talking to the Kings about an Antoine Carr for Brian Shaw deal.  Antoine had just lead Sacramento in scoring with over 20 ppg.  That deal fell through as well.

Then there's the nickname.  You guys remember Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson?  Well Carr actually had the nickname first.  You see multiple variation spellings of it online but it came from him growing up and always having his big Rottweiler with him at all times.

I for one am convinced if the original Big Dawg suited up for the Celtics, 1988 turns out differently.  Remember the Celtics, not Detroit, had the second best record in the league that year and homecourt advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs.  Depth killed the Celtics who were still reeling from the Bias death.

Antoine today, owns a remodeling company in San Antonio

How things could've been different.  Maybe Carr is the guy they need to get over the hump that year.  Couldn't you see the Conference Finals with Carr going head-to-head with Mahorn, Laimbeer and Rodman?  I know I could've.  You think Antoine would've taken the cheap shots of those guys?  No way. He wouldn't have backed down an inch.  What I would've given to see that.   And maybe he's enough to get Boston back to the Finals where they can make up for 1987.

I remember that season well.  I thought the Celtics were destined to win it all since they had alternated years with the Flakers every year since 1980 (with the exception of the 83 Sixers) and it was their turn.  It never panned out.

Recently I checked with Antoine on this to get his take:

Some high praise for the Celtics and the Chief.

All I know is that Antoine Carr almost played for the Celtics, and now you know that too.