Afternoon Delight: Mike Brown gets canned (again), starts reality TV show with Mr. Pringles

Rumor has it that the Cleveland Cavaliers have fired Mike Brown (again):

Poor guy can't hold down a coaching job. So we at have a proposition for NBA TV.  We think Mike Brown should team up with fellow horrible coach Mike D'Antoni and start a reality TV show called "Pringles and Potato Head."

The premise of the show could be about two guys named Mike who are constantly hired and subsequently fired from NBA coaching jobs, so they decide to moonlight in the potato industry for some extra cash on the side. It could be chock full of incompetent coaching tips, as well as recipe ideas for potato lovers on game day.

What do you say, NBA TV? Make it happen!

And just for fun, here are some incompetent Mike Brown memes from the first item he got canned from the Cavs in 2010, courtesy of the one and only (but now defunct) Doc Funk blog.

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