Woj Bomb: Adam Silver looking into bylaw to force Sterling to sell

Adam Silver might've drawn some initial heat for his handling of the Donald Sterling news with a fairly bland (and tardy) statement on Saturday, but me-thinks people might forgive him if he goes ahead with, as Adrian Wojnarowski puts it; 'The Nuclear Option.'

Several league officials – including owners and Board of Governors members – told Yahoo Sports they believe Silver has been studying the nuclear option on Sterling: a provision in the NBA's bylaws that would allow Silver to summon a vote of league owners to strip Sterling of his ownership. The NBA would run the Clippers until the team could be sold.

Great ruling? Or greatest ruling?

One would think that the NBA wouldn't be too hard pressed to find a potential buyer for a star studded team based in Los Angeles. And it's nearly impossible to calculate the potential immediate revenue a complete rebranding/rename could generate.