VOTE for the Crown Royal "Reign On" Player of the Week

With the Celtics out of the playoffs, we've all probably been watching a hell of a lot more of the rest of the NBA go at it in the first round of the playoffs.

One week has passed, and while we have yet to have any series locked up, there have been plenty of players standing out.

We decided that it would be fun to vote each week on who the best player in the post-season has been, just for that week. Also, since we have partnered with Crown Royal this season, we figured this was a perfect fit for their "Reign On" campaign, highlighting people going above and beyond the call of duty.

With 16 teams playing right now, there is quite a bit to chose from. Is it LeBron James against the lowly Bobcats, LaMarcus Aldridge against the Rockets? I've highlighted a few of the top players from the past week below, though of course there's plenty of names being left out.

Vote in the poll below, or tell us in the comments!

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has entered into a partnership with the NBA, and CelticsLife is proud to announce their participation in the first-ever Crown’s Center Court influencer program comprised of NBA specific team writers from across the nation. CelticsLife and Crown Royal will be bringing you stories, photos and videos of your beloved Celtics as they Reign On through the rest of the season.