Video: Dwyane Wade thinks Paul Pierce is playing better with the Nets than he did with the Celtics

The Brooklyn Nets completed a 4-0 season sweep of the Miami Heat tonight, something that no team has done since 2007-2008.

Although Heat guard Dwyane Wade was inactive for the game, he was interviewed beforehand, and stated that former Celtic Paul Pierce has been playing better this year with Brooklyn than he has played the past few years with the C's:

"(Paul Pierce) has been playing well versus us. This year he's played better versus us than he did the last couple years in Boston. He's a big time player. He makes shots. He has that slow, methodical game where you don't know if he's going to shoot or go to the basket. 
"Obviously there's bad blood there between us from the playoffs, but you can respect what Paul Pierce has done and what he continues to do in this game."

Pierce is currently averaging 13.5 points per game this season, which is less than he was averaging from 2007-2013 (between 18.3 and 20.5 points per game for each of those seasons). Is Wade saying this just because the Nets seem to have the Heat's number this year?

Pierce is currently 5 points away from reaching 25,000 career points, which he will most likely reach tomorrow night against the Orland Magic. He will be the 4th active player in the NBA to reach that milestone, and the 18th player in NBA history.

So is Pierce playing better with Brooklyn than he did in Boston the past few years? Personally, I think his best years were in green, but if he stays in Brooklyn and somehow manages to help them win multiple championships, that could possibly persuade me to rethink it. Then again, it's unclear whether Wade was specifically referring to Pierce's play against Miami, or Pierce's play in general.

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Video courtesy of YES Network