Sullinger, Humphries, and Bayless might be done for the season

By this time on Thursday, the 2013-14 Boston Celtics season will come to a hault. A merciful halt. A season long, valiant effort, that deserves a nice long break before getting back into the swing of things over the summer. Even in a loss, of which there were many this season, this team worked HARD. This version of the Celtics didn’t make it easy for anyone least of all themselves. It’s no wonder that now, at tail end of the season, injuries have mounted and a few guys look like they could be done a game early.

Before Monday’s game in Philladelphia, Rajon Rondo spoke about the injuries some of his teammates were battling going into the final game of the season.

"Ed (trainer Lacerte) did not sound optimistic on any of those guys (Sullinger, Bayless, Humphries) for Wednesday," said Stevens. "Sully’s ankle – he got it pretty good. He came back in that game, but it was a lot of adrenaline and it swelled up the next day.

"I have not heard from Bayless today, but it sounded like it wasn’t any better than the day before," he said. "Hump has just been dealing with it.

But I would be less than optimistic that those guys would play on Wednesday."

I guess if there was one stretch of games that you’d want three of your highest contributing bench players to be hurt it’s right here at the end of the season. All three of these guys have been warriors for the C’s all season. Sullinger is looking more and more like the steal of his draft. Big win there. Bayless is a straight up energy guy who says whenever he’s asked how bad he wants to stay here. Humphries? Maybe my favorite Celtic right now. It’s a bummer to close out this campaign with these guys on the bench, but it is most certainly for the greater good given the situation the C’s find are currently in.

One more game against the Wiz. One more game until we lock up the percentages. One more game until we start to speculate about which jerseys to buy this coming fall.

Photo Source: Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Source: Mark Murphy; Boston Herald