Rondo believes fans provide great reason to remain in Boston

The 2013-14 season is all but over for the Boston Celtics. Two more meaningless games remain on their schedule, games that they would be better off losing. It's all about the future for the Celtics right now, and a potential huge piece of that future is Rajon Rondo.

Next year will be the final year on Rondo's contract. With Rondo unlikely to sign an extension for financial reasons, trade rumors will continue until they actually become true, or the 2015 deadline passes. Celtics' management has to prove to Rondo in the upcoming year that they are committed to winning by bringing in some pieces to build around him, but that will not be the only selling point according to Rondo.

The Boston fans are something that you can't find anywhere else, and Rondo gets that. Rondo recently spoke on this in Steve Bulpett's piece for the Boston Herald:
“I know that would be a big reason why you wouldn’t want to leave a city like Boston,” said Rondo, “because every night, even with the season we’re having, we’re probably still leading the league in attendance or at least up near the top. “I mean, the fans in Boston, they know the game. You can’t cheat the fans. They know the game. It’s fun to play there. It’s definitely something you appreciate even more once you go on the road and see other teams that have like 6,000 people in the stands. Every night, it’s 18,000 in Boston. “So you don’t take that for granted,” Rondo said. “I know I don’t. I’ve been in the league for eight years, and in Boston the crowd is consistent. They’re always there.”
Good to hear from Rondo, now lets hope he's being honest. We hear this from Boston athletes all the time, and that's because it's true, but beloved stars have left Boston before. Other teams may be able to offer Rondo a better chance to win right away than Boston, and the Celtics biggest focus needs to be providing a chance for players to win.

Rondo will likely have the chance to put his money where his mouth is next summer (unless of course he is traded). But his decision clearly would be made much easier if Danny Ainge is able to surround Rondo with the type of top level talent he is accustom to playing so well with. But in the meantime, keep cheering Rondo and the C's on as you have (even if you prefer they lose), it hasn't gone unnoticed thus far.

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Source: Boston Herald