PLUS/MINUS: Has Sullinger reached untradeable status?

PLUS/MINUS is a weekly column that makes five hypothetical statements about the state of the Boston Celtics. PLUS means you agree, MINUS means you don’t. These statements deal with beyond the boxscore factors and dig deep to find the true value these athletes bring to Boston.

This week Matt Richissin, Matt MacKay, and Austin Gill discuss Jared Sullinger’s ascent to untradeable status, the likelihood of Crash Wallace maintaining his role on the Celtics in 2014-15, and if season ticket holders need to renew or just keep Higs Tickets on speed dial.

QUESTION 1: After a breakout sophomore campaign, Jared Sullinger is up there with Rondo at "trade only for Durant" trade status.

Matt Richissin: MINUS. Huge minus. Love Sullinger's abilities, and I think his skillset translates into him being a super-glue guy for any team. His versatility means you can do a lot of things on both end of the court and that's extremely useful.

But next to untradeable?! What's our record since the All Star Break?

Matt MacKay: MINUS. Minus, Minus, Minus... No waaaay. I love Sully as a player and think he has huge upside, but if Sully is required for premiere talent like Kevin Love you got to really consider that. Rondo isn’t going to wait 4 years for Sully to hit superstar status, I’m of the mind set to do whatever it takes to win right now.

Austin Gill: MINUS. Don’t get me wrong, Sully has had some monster games. He’s even maintained stellar play for some stretches, but there’s no way he’s at Rondo trade status. Sully is a young guy with tons of potential that he taps into from time to time. He’s certainly valuable, but what team is going to pay the same price to get Sully as they will Rondo?

QUESTION 2: Avery Bradley is most valuable to the Celtics as a sign and trade chip than a starting shooting guard.

Matt Richissin: MINUS. I think the injuries have been too much for any team to be willing to give up anything significant for Avery Bradley. I think there's more value in resigning him to a reasonable deal and hoping he can shake his ailments (much like Tony Allen did) then thinking we could get anything even resembling a useful player for him.

Matt MacKay: MINUS. I disagree, a starting backcourt of Rondo and Bradley is on of the best in the league as long as you have a primetime scorer at either forwards. Bradley has so many intangibles that as long as you don’t overpay him and he stays healthy (big IF) than he’s a perfect fit next to Rondo.

Austin Gill: MINUS. I’m saying this heavily because I think Bradley’s value has taken quite a dive due to his inability to play games. I think the guy has played himself out of possibly a few million and that the Celts may be able to resign him for around five, which I would be happy with. If Bradley stayed healthy and continued his improved play we saw earlier in the season, I’d be singing a different tune. The guy has his flaws, but his intangibles are pretty awesome. I’ll happily take that hustle and on-ball D for a few mil. That being said, if he’s asking 6.5+ I’m moving on—especially if the Cs can pick up a guy like Stauskus in the draft.

QUESTION 3: If the Celtics get the first overall, they need to draft Jabari Parker over Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid. 

Matt Richissin: PLUS. I mean, I don't even know the argument for the other side? But at the same time, the Undertaker lost at Mania so I guess anything's possible.

Matt MacKay: MINUS. I don’t watch college basketball, didn’t even fill out a bracket… whoops, but from what I hear Parker is the safest bet. He could be Carmelo Anthony without the baggage. I like that… but Wiggins upside of being the next T-Mac is intriguing. I’ll take Wiggins.

Austin Gill: MINUS. I’ll get technical and say minus due to semantics. I’m primarily giving going with minus because I think it’s too hard to go wrong in the top 3. I don’t think the Celtics “need” to draft any one of those three over the other two. I’d be elated to have any of those guys sporting a green jersey next season. I’ll be honest though—I love Jabari. He’s Paul-esque in a lot of ways, and I think Boston would embrace him as a winner. I just don’t see him as an obvious No. 1 over either Wiggins or Embiid.

QUESTION 4: Gerald Wallace will still be on the Celtics by the 2014-15 All Star Break.

Matt Richissin: PLUS. To be clear, I'm saying 'plus' that he'll be on the team and not 'that's a plus for the celtics' or 'Wallace will be on the team, plus I really think he's going to help.' Nope. I'm saying he'll be on this team. And he'll be angry about something.

Matt MacKay: PLUS. It’s a strong to quite strong possibility he will still be here unfortunately. That contract is so god-awful there is no way Ainge will be able to move that, unless he dupes one the dumber GMs.

Austin Gill: PLUS. I hate it too, but who the hell takes Gerald Wallace at 10 mil a year (In a David Kahn-less NBA)? Anyone…anyone?

QUESTION 5: If you're a Season Ticket Holder, you're renewing your tickets for 2014-15 no questions asked.

Matt Richissin: MINUS. Really, it's a financial decision. I'm getting into games fairly regularly throughout the week for 7-10 dollars, and really kind of sitting wherever I'd like. Superstars fill seats, and I'm not sold on the Celtics being able to land one by next year. So therefor, I can't see a significant uptick in demand.

Matt MacKay: MINUS. The no questions asked was the deal-breaker for me. I would wait and see how this summer goes, see what they end up doing in the draft/trades etc. There would need to be a huge overhaul and a move towards winning right now for me to re-up right now. To quote Ray Lewis I would be watching from 'my couch'.

Austin Gill: MINUS. I'm a broke college kid. I’d re-up my season tickets on any team featuring Rajon Rondo, especially with Stevens as coach and Ainge puppeteering behind the scenes…but I’m not currently a season ticket holder (I wish I had money).

Photo: Jim Davis