Mark Jackson reportedly asks legend Jerry West to not attend most Warriors practices

Either Golden State's coach Mark Jackson really doesn't want to coach anymore or he simply has no idea what he's doing.

In many respects, this season should be seen as a successful year for the Warriors, who finished as the sixth seed in the west with a 51-31 record. Even though they might get bounced out of the first round at the hands of the Clippers, it won't be the team's play on the court that could be the undoing of Jackson's stint as coach.

Zach Lowe at Grantland gave out this little nugget in the latest bout of ridiculousness:

In addition, Jackson has asked that Jerry West, a high-level adviser in Golden State, not attend most practices and team activities, sources say.

That's right. Jerry West. You know? The logo.

Sam Amick at USA Today reports Jackson denies what those sources are telling Lowe.

"That's a lie," Jackson told USA TODAY Sports after the Clippers' 113-103 Game 5 win Tuesday. "Come on. That's a lie. That's disrespectful."

When asked directly if West — who joined the team when the group led by Joe Lacob took over ownership in the summer of 2010 — was welcome at his practices, Jackson said, "Absolutely. He has been at the practices. He's there. That's a flat-out lie."

A person with knowledge of the situation confirmed that West has been at recent practices. That is in accordance with the initial report, as it was not indicated that West was absent from all of the team's sessions or activities. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation.

Whether or not this latest report is true, it shows that something stinks in the Warriors organization and the smell seems to be coming from Jackson.

Over the past few weeks, Jackson has demoted former Celtic Brian Scalabrine from his coaching staff to the D-League and had another assistant fired for recording conversations with players and coaches without their knowledge. That assistant, Darren Erman, has since been re-hired in Boston.

Lowe also gives a little more insight into what Erman was up to:

Multiple league sources confirmed the gist of Broussard’s report, and that Erman was concerned Mark Jackson and other coaches loyal to Jackson were insulting Erman to other players behind Erman’s back.

Not a good look. There is way too much smoke surrounding the Warriors to not be any fire. Something is going on. Maybe the players don't like him and are making this stuff up to get him out or maybe these reports are true. In either case, Jackson looks to have lost his locker room and his coaching staff. Don't be surprised if Jackson is back at ESPN calling games next year instead of coaching them.

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