LeBron stares down Michael Jordan while dunking against Bobcats

On Saturday night, the Heat went up 3-0 in their series against the Bobcats with a 98-85 win over Charlotte. This improved Miami to 18-0 against the Bobkitties since LeBron and Bosh joined the Heat in 2010.

Sitting at the end of the Bobcats bench was their owner, Michael Jordan.

And in the third quarter, LeBron decided to give MJ a little stare-down while finishing a breakaway dunk. Check it out.

Now I already know what people are going to say: LeBron is a punk, how dare he, what a jerk, ect.

But lets be honest: Had Jordan done this at any point we'd be singing his praises. "Cold blooded, showing him who the best player in the game is, ect". I actually like this move from LeBron, who Jordan has thrown a few barbs at over the years. MJ ripped LeBron for joining forces with Wade, said he's beat him one-on-one, said Kobe is better than him, and even criticized his nike commercials. It's almost like Jordan, the best player of all-time, goes out of his way to knock LeBron, the best player of this era down a few pegs. I don't mind that either (love a little trash talk), but I have NO issues with LeBron making it very clear who the best player on the planet is right now.

My only issue with it? After the game he said he wasn't looking at him. Why not just take ownership, say he was having some fun, that Jordan is his idol and he wanted to needle him a bit? Staring him down was genuine, and pretty cool. Denying it was a cop-out though.

Still, I'm a fan of the move. MJ doesn't turn down a chance to make sure everyone knows he was better than LeBron, so don't expect LeBron to play nice.

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