Kris Humphries has tendinitis, and could be the next HGTV star

Kris Humphries
stayed in Boston on Wednesday to get an MRI on his right knee while the Celtics traveled to Atlanta to take on the Hawks. The MRI revealed no structural damage to his meniscus, but he does have right patellar tendinitis, as well as minor bruising:

As of now, his return date is still unknown. Further assessments will be made after meeting with the Celtics' team doctors in order to determine the best approach to treating his injury.


A league source tells that there was some bruising and tendonitis, but his meniscus was in good shape.

Still, that doesn't necessarily mean Humphries will be in the Celtics lineup when the team returns home to play Charlotte on Friday.

That determination won't be made until Humphries has a chance to consult with the team doctors to see what's the best course of action going forward in handling his injury.

Humphries has been quite a pleasant surprise this year, averaging 10.4 points/7.3 rebounds per game in the 30 games he started for the C's, and 15.2 points/10.6 rebounds per 36 minutes in the 68 games he played this season.

The Celtics could possibly re-sign Humphries for next season, and may decide to shut him down for the Celtics' last few games to avoid aggravating his knee issues. At least if he sits out, he will have more time to brainstorm new ideas for an HGTV show. (Video below by CSNNE).