Kris Humphries calls Ainge and Stevens winners; sees Celtics returning to greatness

"Look at the direction we’re heading in," Humphries told the Herald. "Obviously this year there was disappointment. But (head coach Brad Stevens is) a winner, (president of basketball operations Danny Ainge) has proven to be a winner on multiple levels. The organization and fans are great. The chance to be part of a playoff team here will be great. I think it’s possible. Ultimately it comes down to what the players do, but it’s one of those things where you get comfortable somewhere, and hopefully you can be there for a while and have success."

Is it me or is Kris Humphries about to complete the biggest face-turn since Macho Man Randy Savage ditched Sensational Sherri for Miss Elizabeth at WrestleMania VII?

Sure he’s a free agent at the end of this season and sure he’s playing for a contract, but free agent isn’t? He was HATED when he was traded to Boston. HATED. Me and Julian Edlow made a bet in which the loser had to buy a Humphries jersey and wear it to the season opener in 2014. At that point who would have even thought that Humphries would even be on the Celtics. Now I think he is someone you have to make an offer to in the off-season.

For me, and a lot of people are similar, basketball is a release. The place where life is in its purest form is on the basketball court. It’s all about doing something you’ve done forever, and not thinking about anything else.

Not a quote from Larry Bird. Not the tagline for Hoosiers. That’s via the mouth of your boy Kris Humphries.

He’s bought in to the program and in the league of egos that is GOLD. He gets it. Sign him up. GET ME THAT JERSEY.