Jeff Green does not want to be a go to guy. What's Boston's next move?

According to Jay King at Jeff Green just does not possess the drive or genetic composition to be a go to guy in the NBA.
“I can’t do it alone,” Green told Holmes.

“People don’t realize that this is the first time of me being ‘that guy,’ ” Green added. “I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how to handle it.”

And my personal favorite: “You’ve got to work five times harder just to get a shot or to get the look you want. Sometimes I settle for jump shots because it’s hard to get to the paint.”

I am disappointed in this revelation because I always felt Green could be a good to guy but just have to come to the realization that he doesn't have the competitive drive and also has a very hard time creating off the dribble other than hard drives to the basket.

This reality also leaves the Celtics in a complicated position. Do they keep Green and go after someone like Kevin Love who requires so much defensive attention that it would allow Green to go back to being the player he was the second half of last year?

The only problem with that is the Celtics would have to trade either Sully or Olynyk which would be a tough thing to do considering both, put in context, had outstanding years.

The silver lining to that is they both have great trade value.

Or, do they move Green and try to find a go to guy at the three position especially if Danny Ainge is truthful about his commitment to signing Avery Bradley this off season.

I know Celtic fans are hopeful about the upcoming draft and Jabari is more NBA ready than Wiggins but they're both a good three years away from becoming potential stars.

It's an interesting scenario because the Celtics are two players, a superstar and a better than average center from becoming highly competitive in the East again.

Unfortunately, if Boston does not get Kevin Love I'm not so sure if Green is part of the equation moving forward.

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