Jabari Parker says Carmelo has no one to pass to on the Knicks

Jabari Parker said in an interview on the Dan Patrick show that the difference between him and Carmelo is that Parker had a supporting cast to pass to.

Parker could be a target for the Celtics depending on draft position and was recently voted by NBA league personnel to be the top prospect in this season's draft.

During the interview Parker talked about his opposition to Adam Silver's proposed two and done rule and said that he likes the Carmelo comparisons except that he's a more wiling passer according to NBCSports.com.
Parker also says he loves being compared to Carmelo Anthony. When Dan Patrick says “but you pass” Parker responds “but I have a team.”

Not too much should be made of the observation, however, considering that Parker is a nineteen year old kid and Patrick somewhat goaded him into the statement.

In fact, this kind of brazen statement may make Parker even more attractive come draft day considering that it's emblematic of a lot of team's concern with Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins has the physical gifts but execs worry he just may not be hungry and assertive enough to become a true superstar at the next level.

The irony is, however, unless drafted by the Celtics, (who would still have to make some moves in the off-season obviously) Parker probably will have a much worse supporting cast in his first NBA season than Carmelo Anthony did this season.

The other four teams in the top five of the lottery (Bucks, 76ers, Magic and Jazz) had a combined record of 82-246.

That's a .250 winning percentage.

Parker should probably also talk to one of the Knicks players he indirectly dissed, Amare Stoudemire, before being so outspoken so early in his career.

After all, no one knows how quickly you can go from being a franchise game changing talent on a championship contending team to just another role player on a less than average team better than Amare.

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