Is it time to reconsider Jeff Green for Omer Asik?

Last winter, there were plenty of rumors linking the Boston Celtics to a potential trade with the Houston Rockets revolving around Omer Asik and Jeff Green. I covered why I thought the trade made sense rather extensively, and perhaps not totally 100% because of that beaut of an article, talks seemed to intensify but eventually fell apart, and Green and Asik remained on their respect teams.

With months passed, I can't escape the thought that this trade makes even more sense for both sides than it did this past winter. Why? Well let's take a look:

Why Does it Make More Sense For Boston?

In case you missed it, Omer Asik submitted a pretty impressive audition tape to be someone's starting Center in the month of April. With Howard out, Asik had a 5-game beast mode stretch where he averaged 12 points, 16.8 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks. That stretch includes two 23 rebound performances. A reminder a game changing defensive player, which he is (if somehow you're not convinced of his defensive prowess PLEASE read this), Asik's a mythical demon on the boards while having the overall competence to being an effective offensive option.

That's the kind of defensive anchor and rebound machine the Boston Celtics so desperately need. His height and prowess serves as the perfect compliment to Jared Sullinger.... or Kevin Love. Don't let the Timberwolves GM's 'big splash' announcement fool you, because in order to dynamically change a roster you need to have coveted assets and/or salary cap room. The Timbewolves have neither.

The Celtics will have 2 shots at the All Star Power Forward: They're in position to offer significantly more than anyone else through trade (potentially minus the Suns), and they will have the cap space to sign at least one max free agent (in addition to Rondo if they so choose) next offseason.

Asik and Love seem like perfect counterparts. Asik defensive skill could cover up some of Love's defensive lapses, and Love's offensive versatility would provide the spacing to not turn Asik into the offensive liability he sometimes appears to be when he's paired with Dwight Howard. And one would have to think that the two combined could grab just about every rebound that's ever made available to them.

Why Does it Make More Sense for Houston?

Have you been watching this Portland series? They're getting next to nothing out of the power forward position. No offense, and no defense (not that it really matters, because LaMarcus Aldridge is hitting just about anything he puts up right now). You can have the best stars in the league, but you need to get something out of your role players. Heck, the Miami Heat almost lost the Finals last season until Mike Miller and Shane Battier started converting open looks.

This is a team that needs a power forward that can provide spacing. Dwight Howard needs more room to operate in the post, and James Harden needs space in pick and roll situations. They're not getting the most out of their superstars when they have a power forward who pretty much refuses to shoot when he's not next to the rim.

It's not that Terrence Jones is bad, he's actually been quite good, but his skillset is hindering the Rockets ability to get the most out of their 2 stars. Green not only allows them to get the most, he gives the Rockets another shot creating offensive weapon, and versatility at the wing. Providing a team that plays Francisco Garcia significant minutes to get some semblance of perimeter defense another option.

So if Makes sense for both sides, why not just do it now?

A quick search on informs me that you can't trade players in the playoffs. But come summer, this is definitely a trade to keep your eyes on.

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