Did Rajon Rondo deserve to be fined for flopping?

The NBA has given Rajon Rondo a warning for allegedly flopping against the Atlanta Hawks. Let's first watch the video, and then debate if the point guard did in fact 'flop.'

So yes, upon first viewing it does appear that Rajon Rondo falls to the ground despite not making any kind of contact with a charging Jeff Teague. What we don't know, however, is this; Was there any type of paranormal activity going on that night? Did anything else unusual happen that night? Did one of the 87 people that went to this Wednesday's game bring the Oculus mirror with them? And if so, is it out of the realm of possibility to think that they waited for the perfect opportunity to use it to temporarily possess Rajon Rondo's legs? With the Hawks down 2 with 4 minute remaining, that person (or wizard?) could not have picked a better time if that was in fact their intentions. Has the NBA even considered investigating paranormal activities in their arenas? Or are they turning their nose to the unusual until it slaps them in the face? These are answers that as an NBA Fan, as well as a tax payer, I believe I deserve.

But maybe I'm crazy. Let's take it to vote: Flop or Oculus Mirror. You decide!

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