Danny Ainge and Jackie Mac talk Rajon Rondo and tradability

 Now that the Boston Celtics' season is over, there has been a whirlwind of media coverage surrounding what did and did not transpire this year, as well as the future of the Boston Celtics.

GM Danny Ainge and sportswriter Jackie MacMullan spoke with Dale and Holley on WEEI today (full audio will eventually be posted here), and one of the tidbits that was discussed included the rumored trade that would have sent Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings before the deadline. Apparently, negotiations were very serious, but hit a roadblock when the Kings "illegally" found out that Rondo had no interest in re-signing with them:

Had the deal gone through, Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, and picks would have been sent to Boston in return for Rondo's services. Despite all the trade rumors and possibilities, Ainge does envision Rondo on next year's squad:

Ainge also touched on topics involving Rondo and tradability a few hours earlier with Toucher and Rich on The Sports Hub. When asked if anyone on the Celtics' roster was untradable, the answer was no:

Ainge did mention that he felt he owed it to Rondo to be honest with him regarding his potential for trades, and said that he enlists Rondo's help for advice and input on players:

“I think he handles it well. We have a good relationship. We talk a lot. I think that the players, generally, I know as a player myself I would’ve appreciate more honesty. A lot of players have told me how much they appreciate the honesty with them. … We’re big boys. We can handle it. They understand the business. … I feel like [honesty] is the best way. Rondo has been a great player for us. I owe it to him to be honest.”

Providing he is a member of the Celtics in the 2014-15, Ainge says Rondo, like many players before him, will have some input on the roster.

“You bet. I consult with him, just like I did with KG, Paul, Ray Allen, Eddie House, James Posey. I may go to any player and get their opinion if they have information on a particular guy.”

If Ainge has embraced a more honest and transparent approach to informing his players about their involvement in potential trades, then it's a good thing. Many believe that the failed Ray Allen-OJ Mayo trade left a bad taste in Allen's mouth, and was the final straw that motivated him to sign with the Miami Heat. So if Danny is true to his words, it can only help increase trust on the team.

It is only day 1 of what has the potential to be an exciting off-season. There will be many more discussions with Ainge about Rondo, possible trades, which players will remain on the Celtics roster next season, and more. Whether Ainge is singing the same tune this fall as is he today remains to be seen.

Photo Credit: Associated Press