Avery Bradley diary: 'I'd like to remain a Celtic'

All season long Avery Bradley has been writing a diary with ESPN Boston's Louise Cornetta.  Here are some of the highlights from the final installment published yesterday.

On the state of his current health:

The ankle I had hurt is feeling great. I’m going to be back on Wednesday. It’s important to be able to get back and play some more games with [Rajon] Rondo to build our chemistry. It’s amazing playing with him. We just understand how to play with one another.

On his impending free-agency:

I’ll be a restricted free agent this summer. I honestly don’t know what that experience is going to be like. Obviously I know different teams can be involved and the Celtics can match whatever happens. I’ve decided not to worry about it until the time comes. Of course I’d like to remain a Celtic. I love the culture here and the people here. I love the whole front office as far as Danny Ainge and everybody. They’re just great people.

On Boston's fans:

I appreciate you so much. We have the best fans in the world. From my heart, I just want you to know I do appreciate you. You came out and supported us in a down year. I’ve never seen anything like that. Take a game like Philadelphia, where we were down by double-digits and you were still cheering for us. Most fans would be either booing or leaving, but you were here. I thought that was pretty cool. I just hope you know it means a lot to us.

Bradley also discusses Rondo the TV analyst, his respect for Brandon Bass, and the strangeness of not going to the playoffs.  Click here to read the complete diary entry.

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