Wyc Grousbeck apparently wants Wiggins

As the 2013-14 campaign is starting to draw closer and closer to an end, it looks like teams are starting to play favorites. According to Bleacher Report (via Kevin Armstrong), Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck has his fingers crossed for Andrew Wiggins.

This 2014 draft is going to be something, huh? First people are screaming that Andrew Wiggins is the next LeBron James, then Jabari Parker gets painted as the true superstar of the draft, then Joel Embiid- in only his 4th year of even playing basketball at any level- is dubbed the consensus number one pick. Basically if you're landing in the top 10, you're golden.

But therein lies the problem. In a year full of terrible basketball, who wants to be in the top ten? Basketball fans nationwide want NUMBER 1. When even the owner of the Celtics is starting to stir the pot by naming names, you know the direction we're headed in for the rest of the season. The question of who is the overall best talent in the draft is still in flux. ESPN's Chad Ford weighed in on the movement at the top of the draft:

“Even before the injury to Embiid, some scouts and GMs were moving back onto the Wiggins bandwagon. There is just sooooo much potential there and he’s showing signs of understanding it. If he takes over for Kansas the next few weeks, he may be the No. 1 pick even if Embiid gets 100 percent healthy.”

Currently, the Celtics have a 10.4% chance of winning the lottery. Should they land the coveted top pick, who do you get? Wiggins, Parker, or Embiid? Do you trade the pick for an established star? Do you send that pick west in a package for Kevin Love? Do you make a run for a mega star? It's not like the future of the franchise is riding on it or anything, right?

Source: Bleacher Report

Source: ESPN