Tommy Heinsohn: LeBron James "belongs on Mount Rushmore... as a pebble"

Not to stir up the "Mount Rushmore" drama again, but the above video (courtesy of OfficialCelticsHD) is too hilarious not to share.

Tommy Heinsohn is beloved by Celtics fans (and hated by opposing teams' fans) for his homerism and ridiculous rants when calling Celtics games on CSNNE. And Tommy has definitely held some disdain for LeBron James in the past (see the "what are you doing calling a foul on the great LeBron?" video).

On Thursday, the Boston Celtics' 1974 championship title was remembered as part of a "Throwback Thursday" event. Heinsohn, who coached the 1974 championship team, was doing a Q and A with Celtics fans, and was asked the following question:

"There is a man down in South Beach, Florida, LeFraud James. He thinks he belongs on NBA's Mount Rushmore. What is your Mount Rushmore, Tommy?"

Heinsohn's reply was very Tommy-esque:

"Yeah, he probably belongs on Mount Rushmore... as a pebble. You know, where they chipped off all those faces like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. He's down in there somewhere."

The drama surrounding LeBron's Mount Rushmore comments has gotten out of control simply because it came out of King James' mouth, but it's pretty funny to sit back and see the criticism it has received, especially from Tommy and Bill Russell.