The fake ESPN 30 for 30 trailer "Brian" on The White Mamba is hilarious

A hilarious fictional trailer on Brian Scalabrine, AKA "The White Mamba," for ESPN's critically acclaimed 30 for 30 documentary series is circulating online.

Entitled "Brian" it features intercuts of OJ Mayo, Kevin Durant and Dr. J. all proclaiming their undying devotion to Scal.

Dr. J on Scal:
There's something about his style his fluidity. The fact that he's so long and tall. The way he looks for the daylight and creates his own.

Kevin Durant Gushes about Scalbrine:
He's probably the best one on one player in the game.

What is really sweet about the video is the highlights do make it look as though Scalibrine was a premier NBA player. There is one up and under move featured in black and white which is truly sick.

Anyway, without further ado, ESPN 30 for 30 is proud to present, "Brian"

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