Rajon Rondo still texts Doc Rivers

Rajon Rondo has been the subject of 'coachability' for years now. His relationship with Doc Rivers has been questioned at tiems, but it seemed that the two grew closer in Doc's last years as a Celtic. According to NESN, it seems their relationship remains strong today:

Now in his eighth season, Rondo has jelled easily with Brad Stevens, the first-year head coach of the rebuilding Celtics. After adhering to Stevens' instructions for 48 minutes and listening to Stevens' postgame breakdown, though, Rondo occasionally seeks out a more familiar voice.

"I speak to Doc all the time," Rondo told Baxter Holmes of The Boston Glove. "I've talked to him on the phone. I've talked to him after games, text-wise. He gives me advice all the time."

Despite obviously being with a new team, it seems Doc's desire for Rondo to succeed remains high:

The major piece of advice Rivers has imparted, according to Holmes, is to be patient. The retooling process will not be fast or easy in Boston, as Rivers and Rondo know from experience.

Of course, the experience of losing is not entirely new for Rajon Rondo, who played with the 2006-2007 (24-58) Celtics featuring Al Jefferson and Gerald Green. Thus, he knows that being part of a rebuild can be rewarding (see 2007-2008).

It appears Doc isn't the only one offering advice, as Rondo himself said he likes to pay it forward to his teammates:

"Everything I tell guys or any advice I give is for the betterment of them and the team," Rondo told the Globe. "I don't benefit from it--well, maybe from getting an assist--but I want them to be in the right rotation defensively. I want us to all be on the same page. And then when we win, we all win. When we win, everybody gets paid."