LeBron James is open to mentoring Paul George

Basketball Insiders-
“Pick [my brain] like Hannibal Lector?” James said jokingly. “You know me, I don’t mind it at all. I don’t mind giving guys [advice], whatever he wants to ask. Guys know I have an open door/phone policy.”

So apparently, Paul George mentioned that he would be interested in having King Bron-Bron mentor him this summer, to which King Bron-Bron said, "ok." There's no way either of these guys are sincere, right? They have been on a collision course all year with the Pacers and the Heat slotted to battle it out in the Eastern Conference Finals.

This has to be some sort of covert mission that George is signing himself up for. Like some of that real deep undercover stuff that Rust Cohle alludes to on True Detective. The only way this makes sense is if Paul George is looking to sneak into enemy territory and learn all the secrets he can so he can be LeBron's ultimate foil for the rest of his career.

A few weeks ago, LeBron posted a picture of himself as Bane from the Batman franchise. Today he compared himself to Hannibal Lector. Why are you interested in learning from a dude who apparently only likens himself to super villains?

Paul- have you never seen the Rocky movies? LeBron is going to straight up Apollo Creed you. He'll teach you everything YOU know but not everything HE knows. Then you guys will become friends and after he retires and comes back for one more exhibition game, a monstrous Russian player is going to kill him on the court and you're going to have to avenge his death. Why put yourself through that? Why get involved? Just try to win a title this year and then focus on mentoring Lance Stephenson.

Also- THE GUY CALLING THE SHOTS ON YOUR TEAM IS LARRY BIRD. See if you can pick up a few tips from the Legend. Just a thought.

Photo Source: Getty Images