Jordan Crawford misses Boston; Right back at you, Steez

MassLive -

“It was home for a minute,” he said.

“(Stevens) gave me the chance, put me on display at the point guard. That’s the biggest thing, you know?” he said. “I wanted to play point guard when John (Wall) was out with the Wizards, and they didn’t give me the chance. For him to give me the chance, I couldn’t ask for much more.”

When Jordan Crawford came to Boston at the trade deadline during the 2012-13 season, we didn't expect much. Among flashes of speed and sprees of irrational confidence laden shooting, Crawford's biggest moment during last season came when he got in Carmelo Athony's face during the first round of the playoffs, stirring up old beef around the Honey Nut Cheerios incident.

Once the 12-13 season came to an end, Crawford stuck around Boston- so right there he defied the odds. We entered the pre-season with Crawford as a de facto staple of the Boston backcourt simply because we didn't have Rondo and didn't know which guard position Avery Bradley would be comfortable with. Not many people were pulling for Crawford as the Celtics danced around tanking rumors. Lucky for the Celtics and their fans Brad Stevens is not most people.

Stevens saw in Crawford what seldom other people did, and a true contributor emerged because of it. Jordan Crawford, whose time in Boston was punctuated by earning Eastern Conference Player of the Week accolades in December, should miss Boston as he mentioned above. He had a good little run here. He embraced a season that was more or less damned after the Celtics first round playoff loss last year as an opportunity to shine.

“(Stevens) texted me the other day and told me he was watching the game we played in Phoenix,” Crawford said. “Just to know he’s still watching. I get texts here and there from people in Boston, telling me that they miss me.”

The feeling’s mutual.

“I miss (Boston), actually. I miss it. It was home for a minute," Crawford said. "(It was) the first time I got to play a lot of minutes. Got to have ups, have downs, (learned) how to adjust when you’re playing bad, how to get back. There were a lot of positives."

His time in Boston was a chance to showcase what he could do when given the opportunity. Now with a little taste of "success", Crawford is on the hunt to contribute at every level he can. It was fun while it lasted, Steez. We'll always have "Deep Thoughts"- easily the best in-arena entertainment the Celtics tried this season.

Photo: AP Photo/Ben Margot