Jared Sullinger: "I was too small, I wouldn't be able to score"

Photo via nextimpulsesports.com
Earlier this season, Jared Sullinger talked about the influence his father Satch has had on his growth as a player. Jared said that wearing the Sullinger name is special and requires a certain code of conduct.

Throughout his career as a basketball player, Sullinger has fed off of inspiration anywhere he can. He has cited Brad Stevens, Doc Rivers and Rajon Rondo as influential factors, but the desire to be better does not come only from them for Jared.

Still, Sully even draws fuel from the criticism he received prior to draft night. In fact, he still keeps it at his fingertips everywhere he goes. Via the Boston Globe:

On his phone, the Celtics forward said he still has remarks the media made before he was drafted in 2012 that doubted if he even should be drafted at all.

"It kind of reminds me why I'm out here, and what I need to do," Sullinger said after practice Tuesday.

"It kind of puts fuel in the fire. I remember two years ago when everyone said I couldn't play in the NBA--'I was too small, I wouldn't be able to score,' all that stuff. I look at those guys and kind of laugh, but I still have to prove people wrong."

The young big man also talked about college phenoms Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, who were both knocked out from the tournament early after sub-par performances:

"Honestly, there are going to be times when you have bad games, you know?" Sully said. "Those guys are only 18 or 19 years old. They got to understand that they have a bullseye on their back when everyone wants to attack that. Everybody is trying to make a name off of you, but I think those guys will be fine though."

Maybe, just maybe, Sullinger and Parker will be channeling criticism together in green next season.