Green Envy: What Pistons fans said

One cannot help but feel sympathy for the Pistons fans. After dominating the Central division and being one of the teams to beat in the Eastern Conference in the 2000s, the Pistons had been bad-but-not-horrible for 4 years. This summer they thought it was time to spend big bucks and become a force again only to find themselves in purgatory once more. They like their young players (especially Drummond), but obviously aren't fond of J-Smoove (except for his tanking skills). They aren't hesitant to show his Celtic buddy quite the love though. Well, enjoy!

Top three:

1. Is there some sort of force field around the rim that prevents jennings from finishing. Geez
2. Just watching them talk about the bad boy reunion and I bet even in their old age they would play better
3. Don't you know? We spent 80 million last season to tank this one. Brilliant moves by Gores and Dumars.


The Lloyd Christmas: Jennigs for rondo plzzzzzzz,should have bought while his value was down.

The Harry Dunne: What an upgrade Jeff Green would be at the 3 for us.

The Yoda: They want nothing on our roster outside of Drummond. Ask any Celtic fan. Even a package starting with Monroe is laughable to Celtic fans. Ainge isn't dumber than their fans.

The anti-Nostradamus: Boston knows how to tank properly and will make sure they lose this game in the second half. We'll win by 5-6 points yet.

The time traveler: If Rondo could even semi shoot I would really support trying to acquire him. Even now I am still tempted.

The JR doppelganger: This is what happens when you don't fully commit to a tank and or bottom out when it's actually time. You become fringe playoff teams at best.

Rondo love:

Rondo with 9 pts, 12 asts, 3 stls in 20 min. Drummond with 14 pts, 15 rebs, 1 stl in 22 min. They would make such a dominating tandem. (note: I agree mate, they would look lovely in green!)

Rondo has some beautiful passes

Rondo was just in our huddle lol. I can get used to seeing that

Josh Smith hate:

Josh Smith makes my head hurt.

Josh Smith still shooting like he's Ray Allen.(note: I know this is actually a positive comment, but this just shows how low the fans' expectations are)

Josh says "ill match Greens three's, challenge accepted". Ultimate tank commander lol

Smith and Jennings have to be the two worst players in the league.

Gotta give Josh credit in 1 area, his shooting is so God awful that he probably gives Drummond 5-6 more offensive boards per game trying to clean up his trash.

Pro-tank anxiety in the final minutes:

Nope Boston, you can't out tank us sorry

What the heck. Why can't we lose properly. Seriously. Don't win.

Can't stop now... MUST KEEP LOOOOSING!!!!

I think the NBA tried to tank this one for Boston, but our ineptitude was too much for the refs to overcome. They gave us 39 FTs to only 21 for Boston, and about 6-8 of those 21 were in garbage time when we were playing the foul game.

Honorable mentions:

Humphries is killing us lol.

-Why would you sit Dre instead of Smith right now?
+The Tank is alive and well.

-Really want to see Siva, KCP and Mitchell get some time.
+it makes sense so it is not gonna happen

Olynyk for Monroe :)

Pistons have 5 assists and 12 turnovers :lol:

Drummond's our 9th option on offense because our coaching staff & roster are clueless & he still pulls in 20/20s in his sleep.

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