Get ready to hear all about the "other" Wiggins

Just after 4 pm today in St. Louis, Missouri Andrew Wiggins and the Kansas Jayhawks will tip off in their opening round matchup with Eastern Kentucky.  When that games ends, another Wiggins will take the floor.  Andrew's older brother Nick plays for Wichita State, which faces the Cal-Poly Mustangs at 7 pm.  This is the kind of story TV producers salivate over, so expect an inordinately large number of unnecessary Nick Wiggins mentions during the day's broadcast.

Yesterday both Wiggins posed for a photo outside the locker room at the Scottrade Center. 

Despite the fact that Kansas is in the "South" bracket and Wichita St. is in the "Midwest," both schools are playing in St. Louis this weekend.  It's possible they could meet in the national title game, and if that happens I'd assume Mom and Dad Wiggins would have to root for the Shockers.  Andrew is a "one and done" college player with much bigger things to come in his basketball future.  On the other hand, for Nick it'd probably be the end of his hoops career; he's a senior averaging 5 points in 15 minutes per game off the bench.

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