Former Doc assistant Tom Thibodeau sees contending in C’s future

Highly respected Chicago Bulls Head Coach and former Doc Rivers assistant Tom Thibodeau can be added to the litany of league coaches and executives who feel Danny Ainge has Boston incredibly well positioned for the future. This according to Jay King of
“I think the future’s bright,” the Chicago Bulls coach said Sunday before meeting the Celtics at the TD Garden. “You have great ownership, great management. Brad (Stevens is) a great coach. You have a guy like (Rajon) Rondo to build around, you’ve got some good young players.

“Danny (Ainge has) been through it a few times now. The one thing about Danny: He’s not afraid. He’ll do it through the draft, he’ll do it through trades.”

"Thibs" further elaborated:
“I think people have to be patient. There were six great years. I know when the trade was made to get Kevin (Garnett), they were hoping for three. So getting six was a huge plus,” said Thibodeau, who formerly served as Boston's top assistant coach. “The Celtics have always found a way. When you look at history, every decade they’ve had great teams. And I’m sure this will be no different.”

My favorite part about this quote is his specifically mentioning Rajon Rondo as the person to build around, because, of many of you know, I am highly in opposition to Boston trading him.

Celtics take on the hard charging Bulls again tonight in a back to back/home and home in Chicago after losing 107-102 last night in Boston.

Rondo again led the Celtics in this game with 17 and 11 dimes.

Joakim Noah continued his great play with 13 assists and Texas product D.J. Augustin put up a career high 33 for the Bulls.

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