Excited to hear that Phil Jackson took the job in New York; Now he can prove he's no Red Auerbach

Sporting News
Jackson's living situation was the hold-up in him accepting the Knicks' offer, according to an earlier report from the New York Post. His fiancée, Los Angeles Lakers president Jeanie Buss, obviously lives in California. Jackson plans to live in New York during the season with periodic, cross-country commutes.

The Post also reported Knicks president and general manager Steve Mills will stay on with Jackson in an adjusted role, as Mills' agent and GM contacts are too vital.

Jackson will serve in a role more important to the Knicks' day-to-day operations than he did as a consultant for the Detroit Pistons during their coaching search. The Pistons eventually chose Maurice Cheeks, who was recently fired, as head coach.

Very excited that Phil Jackson decided to take the cash grab and try and run the pitiful Knicks for the next few years. Phil Jackson has won 11 titles with stars Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol. Each team that won a championship had at least 1 of the top 2 NBA players at the time leading them. Unlike Red Auerbach who personally built the Bill Russell Celtics, Phil Jackson has taken over teams with the NBA's best. After Russell retired, Red went on to build the 70's Celtics that won two titles and the 80's Celtics that won 3 titles (would have been at least a few more if not for Len Bias' tragic death).

Red could not only coach teams to multiple titles, but could also build a title team and then build another. Whisting Phil can only lifeguard a team with the NBA's best players. Phil Jackson is going to fail in New York and it will be a treat to see.