Crash Wallace on Rondo: "That's the kind of leader you want"

While it was reported late last week that Danny Ainge and Rajon Rondo had squashed any issues that had come out of Birthdaygate, Gerald Wallace chimed in with his feeling on the subject.

Wallace was very candid with the media on his feelings about his captain. While his entire interview with the Boston Herald is worth your time, especially if you’re a Rondo fan, Wallace sees Rondo as the guy you want on your side, an birthday party scandal or not- he’s a guy that Wallace is happy to play with.

“I don’t think so, because what you do off the court kind of weighs on some people on how you are as a leader and what you do, but I think the most important thing that people look at, and the way I was raised is, you know, what you do on the court — how you compete,” said Wallace, who, like his mates, was aware that Rondo wasn’t scheduled to play against the Kings anyway. “If you’re fighting to win, that’s what gets guys behind you.

“When we’re on the court, we’re five guys together, a whole team together. When we’re off the court, we can be individuals. You know, you do your own thing and I do my own thing. It’s what you do on the court that makes me want to follow you. If you’re fighting and diving and scrapping for things, I want to follow you. That’s the kind of leader you want.

“So maybe he should or maybe he shouldn’t with his personal life, but that’s his personal life. Everybody has their own. All I know is that when I’m on the court, that’s the kind of guy I want out there with me. The rest don’t mean anything.”

As previously reported, Gerald Wallace will more than likely miss the remaining 22 games of the Celtics season while recovering from knee and ankle surgery.

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Source: Steve Bulpett; Boston Herald