Celtics and Suns both have a lot on the line in tonight's game in Boston

The Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns both will have a lot on the line when tip-off occurs tonight at 7:30 E.T. at T.D. Garden.

The Suns come in on a bit of a spiral having lost 3 in a row and finding themselves suddenly trailing the Dallas Mavericks by two games for the final playoff spot in the West.

Phoenix suffered an extra debilitating loss on Wednesday night when they went down to the Cleveland Cavaliers at home 110-101 despite the return of guard Eric Bledsoe.

The previous losses were on the road at Golden State and at the Clippers. So, although a loss is never good, those two were a little easier to swallow.

Bledsoe did look good in the loss to Cleveland doling out nine assists even though he only shot 5-16 from the floor.

For Boston, what's on the line is the realization that despite his up and down play throughout the season, recently, Andrew Wiggins has displayed a talent level that is commiserate with a potential superstar.

The last two games against West Virginia and then Oklahoma State in the Big 12 Conference Tournament Wiggins has been absolutely scintillating scoring 71 points total (35.5 per game) on 21 of 35 shooting.

He has also corralled 16 boards and had eight steals in that stretch.

Wiggins' breakout games come with the sobering realization for Celtic fans that even though the there are probably four possible "superstars" in this class (Embiid, Parker, Wiggins, Exum) there are what looks to be six teams vying for those spots.

Having said that, with the way the Lakers are playing Boston will in all likelihood end up in either the fifth or sixth spot in the lottery meaning the probability the Celts gets one of those coveted top draft position will be less than 30%.

It's been a long season for Celtic fans and it isn't likely any relief is going to come in the form of ping pong balls come May.