Andrew Bynum admits to poor behavior

"...And I don't even like basketball!"
The absurdity that is Andrew Bynum seems to always be involved in some type of malevolent behavior. After being kicked out of practice and suspended by the Cavaliers earlier this year many assumed that Bynum was up to shenanigans that we have grown all too accustomed to expecting. Via Chance Buckner of

He did not work well under coach Mike Brown's detail-oriented structure. "It's kinda like, if I send you to the grocery store and I give you three choices for peanut butter, you'll probably pick one easily. But if I give you 25 choices, you might stand there for half an hour. Having it be too detailed may not always be the right thing," Bynum said.

Choices?.....Peanut butter?......Could this be any more bullshit?

Also, Bynum raged against the shoot-first guards. During a practice, Bynum said that he launched a shot from midcourt, clearly out of the rhythm of the offensive play. Another day during a scrimmage, he did not like a call from assistant coach Phil Hardy and mocked him as "a horrible referee".

So you apologize for your actions?

"Those are the two things I did," Bynum says. "I did them on purpose because it was over there for me."

Oh. Okay. Apparently one should act like a child when ending association with a team. Classy, Andy.

While Bynum has been exhibiting a better attitude since joining the Pacers, his most recent confession does not come as a surprise. Add it to Bynum's storied archives of scumbaggery:

While Bynum is a douchebag on the court, it important to recognize that off the court, he's actually a pretty good guy:

After being warned by his neighbors several times, Bynum continues to blast music into the night, brandish firearms, and race luxury vehicles throughout his quiet neighborhood.