Brad Stevens discusses becoming a Red Sox fan

From CSNNE, Brad Stevens recently had a conversation with sideline reporter Abby Chin about the start of spring training and his allegiances to the other local ball clubs.  Stevens has always been a Cubs fan, but has adopted the Red Sox as his "American League team."  Here are some of the highlights of what the Celtics head coach had to say:

"It's easy to be a Red Sox fan. What draws me to them is the environments. Wrigley Field, Fenway Park. Where I came from at Butler, Hinkle Fieldhouse. Those historic venues add a flavor to those organizations."

In regards to his relationship with the other coaches in town:

"I've shared texts with [Patriots] coach [Bill] Belichick, who's a guy I can't wait to meet. But I have yet to meet coach Farrell... Manager Farrell."

Nice save there at the end.

Watch the full 90 second interview here.

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