Back to the Future: Avery Bradley number one prospect in H.S.

Since Avery Bradley has been in the news recently with Danny Ainge stating the Celtics would match any (reasonable) offer for the restricted free agent in the offseason I thought we'd do a throwback from his high school days.

The footage is courtesy of and is taken from the Reebok Summer Championship, McDonald's All American Game, and Reebok All American Camp:

After watching these clips one has to be somewhat amazed that in 2009 Bradley lasted all the way to the number 19 pick coming out of Texas.

In fact, just a year earlier, he was rated the #1 high school player in the ESPNU100 while playing at Findlay Prep in Las Vegas.

Then again he was tagged with the highly negative "tweener" label coming out of college being a 6'3 shooting guard without point guard skills.

This is actually currently a label Julius Randle out of Kentucky is having to deal with.

Speaking of, if Randle is the best player available in the upcoming draft when the Celts pick do they take him or someone who fills more of a need?

After all, the Celtics already have Jared Sullinger and the rapidly developing Kelly Olynyk at the four. Not to mention, the talk of going after free agent superstar power forward Kevin Love in 2015.

It's an interesting conundrum because even though a lot of Celtic fans haven't been enamored with Jeff Green's erratic play, I don't see Randle developing the three point shooting range to be effective at the small forward position at the next level.

Although, he is a very skilled ball handler for his size.

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