Ainge plans on retaining Bradley, feels Boston is attractive destination

According to Celtic blogger Ben Rohrbach Danny Ainge and the Celtics will in all likelihood match any offer for restricted free agent guard Avery Bradley in the off season.
This sounds like a great move on paper considering Bradley is having a career year statistically. The one question, obviously, is if Avery can stay healthy.

Also, according to Rohrbach, Danny Ainge believes Brad Stevens and ownership make Boston an attractive free agent destination. Although, winning he admits is the biggest lure:
Playing with Rajon Rondo may also be an attractive selling point to get role players to perhaps sign for under market value hoping Rondo can increase their numbers so they may be able to sign a bigger contract elsewhere in the future.

The Celtics also have a ton of assets moving forward and any player would be crazy not to at least consider adorning the historic Celtic green.

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