Adam Silver might ditch sleeved jerseys, wants to make sure Lebron's cool with that

I think it's fair to say that the sleeved jerseys have been a complete success.

In the year 2014, it's remarkably difficult for our society to universally agree on anything. Some people think 'House of Cards' is the best. Some think it's the worst. Some people love Kanye West. Some people hate him. Some people are country, others are rock and roll. That's just the world we live in today.

In a time of such polarization, the NBA has defied the odds and united us all - young, old, male, female - behind one single rally call. And that rally call, of course, is that sleeved jerseys are an absolute disgrace.

With enough data in for the commissioner to declare 'Mission Accomplished,' he must hit one more checkbox before he completely repeals what Jarrett Jack likes to call "The Beach Police" jerseys; make sure Lebron's cool with that.

via the bleacher report:

Commissioner Adam Silver told Bleacher Report he intends to revisit the issue after the season. He plans to meet with LeBron James, one of the loudest critics of the jerseys. The NBA could decide to curtail the use of the sleeved jerseys, leave it up to individual teams or simply kill the program for good.

“Ultimately, if the players don't like them, we'll move on to something else,” Silver told Bleacher Report. “I don't regret doing it for this season. But it's intended to be something fun for the fans and the players. And if it becomes a serious issue, as to whether players should be wearing sleeves, we'll likely move onto other things.”

As the bleacher report states Lebron James, a bicycle enthusiast who surely isn't used to tight tops, has been fairly vocal about his disdain for the sleeved jerseys; even going as far as stating that he thought they were negatively impacting his shooting (a complaint he surprisingly voiced after a loss), so it would appear that these jerseys are as good as gone.

Leaving a nation to wonder what these ad wizards will think of next.