Three possible Avery Bradley trades that could happen before the deadline

Throughout the 2013-14 season, trade rumors have been at the center of every discussion. As the trade deadline is quickly approaching, we're taking a deeper look at what teams are in need of what the Celtics can offer and what kind of assets the Celtics could be looking for to assist Boston in the rebuilding process.

Avery Bradley’s emergence as both an offensive and defensive weapon has been one of the few highlights of the Celtics 2013-14 campaign. As Avery heads towards restricted free agency this coming offseason, the Celtics will be weighing his value both as a building block or as a trade chip before the deadline.

New York Knicks

Potential Pieces Involved: Cole Aldrich, Iman Shumpert, Beno Udrih, Kenyon Martin

The New York Knicks are in trouble. Currently 3rd in the Atlantic Division and three games out of the eighth playoff spot in the east, the Knicks need for good things to start happening fast if they expect to hang on to their superstar Carmelo Anthony. Similar to Boston, what New York needs is building blocks and without a draft pick in this year’s draft, moves need to be made.

Enter Avery Bradley. Bradley, a restricted free agent at the end of this season, would immediately improve both the offense and defense of the Knicks, give them a building block for the future, and add stability to their backcourt. Tim Hardaway Jr. has been a solid contributor to the Knicks this season and I’m sure that in a perfect world he would be given the keys to the franchise- but there are not a lot of assets on the Knicks and Hardaway may have to be involved elsewhere as the Knicks face their own potential rebuild.

New York does have several contracts that could make sense in this asset collection era of the Celtics. A combination of Cole Aldrich, Iman Shumpert, Beno Udrih, and Kenyon Martin would work monetarily and all but Shumpert would be coming off the books at the end of this season. Financial flexibility would be what the Celtics are getting from this trade.

Probability of Happening: 40%: New York aparently still has the torch lit for Rajon Rondo, so Bradley may not fit the bill, however they need to do something just to prove to the fans they are committed to trying to get into the playoffs and keep their superstar. They don’t have a pick in this year’s draft- I would expect them to be on the phone every minute looking for deals.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Potential Pieces Involved: Dion Waiters, Sergey Karasev, Keith Bogans

The Cavs are in the midst of cleaning house. Last week they fired their GM Chris Grant and I’m sure are not calling it quits there. WIth rumors already circulating that Cleveland will not be able to re-sign recent acquisition Luol Deng, finding someone to run with Kyrie Irving has to be the only thing new interm GM David Griffin is concerned with.

Stories have circulated all season that Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving just don’t like playing basketball together, and the Cavs are trying to make it work, which is good because both are extremely talented. However, if Irving is the man Cleveland needs to keep, than Waiters has to go. Enter Avery Bradley. Avery Bradley is a fresh coat of paint in the Cleveland locker room, gives the Cavs a great option as a combo guard to run with either Irving or Jarrett Jack at various points of the game, as well as demonstrates Cleveland’s willingness to find talent to pair with their superstar Kyrie Irving. He also gives them stability in the backcourt in the event that Irving takes his talents to _______ when the time comes.

Adding in the Bogans contract and another rookie in Sergey Karasev makes this work monetarily and would give Cleveland additional flexibility at the end of the season should they pursue Avery long term and not re-sign Bogans.

Cleveland has been an ever present force in the lottery over the last few years and a move like this invests in a proven and improving commodity in Avery Bradley. It’s a good move for Cleveland and Boston as they continue to collect assets themselves.

Probability of Happening: 50% Dion Waiters is a talented player, but Kyrie Irving is their superstar. All the focus needs to be on him and trying to retain his services. Plus any time a new GM steps in, shake ups are sure to follow. It may not be a deal for Bradley, but I would think they are cooking up something with Waiters being the main course.

Indiana Pacers

Potential Pieces Involved: Solomon Hill, Rasual Butler

Signing Andrew Bynum in the hopes that he can help them down the stretch is a sign of things to come for Indiana. They are committed to winning and are fortifying their team to do battle with Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals. Making a play for Avery Bradley is a good move for Indiana for several reasons both for this season and in the long run.

Trading for Avery Bradley now immediately improves their bench, gives them extra power and energy on both sides of the ball, adds playoff experience, and institutes a backup plan in the event that Lance Stephenson gets all of the attention he is forecasted to get. If they sign Lance, then Bradley hits the open market. If Lance draws crazy offers, then they have a proven commodity they can try to re-sign in Avery.

Sending pieces like Rasual Butler and Solomon Hill to Boston will net Indiana help where they need it, gives Boston another contract that will come off the books this offseason, and another young big that they can mold or include in trades on draft night or next season. Of all the landing places, I like Indiana the most because it gets Avery on a serious contender and gives Boston more room to work this summer.

Probability of Happening: 50% Indiana, if they make a move before the deadline, will be looking for a deal like this. This is their best chance to win before they have to open up the checkbook for guys like Paul George and Lance Stephenson.

Photo Sources: Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images, David Liam Kyle/Getty Images, Issac Baldizon/Getty Images, Dan Lippitt/Getty Images