Paul Pierce ranks the all-time greatest NFL quarterbacks

Via Pierce's instagram account when he was traded from the Celtics

You can count Paul Pierce among those who thinks Peyton Manning's 3rd Super Bowl appearance did him a lot more harm than good as far as career legacies go.  After Manning threw as many touchdown passes to his opponent (one) as he did his own team during the Broncos embarrassing 43-8 beat down at the hands of the Seahawks last night, Pierce sent out this tweet:

Pierce's choice of Joe Montana #1, Tom Brady #2, and Peyton Manning somewhere below doesn't come without a bit of hometown bias.  Pierce was born in Oakland, California, and grew up watching Montana play just across the bay in San Francisco.  And it's no surprise he's taken a liking to Brady after spending over a decade alongside him as the face of one of Boston's major sports franchises.

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