Imagine a 4-point shot in the NBA?

Boston's best 4-point shooter?
Former Celtic great Antoine Walker once said the reason he took so many 3-pointers was "because there are no 4s."  Yesterday a story came out that the NBA has discussed the possibility of actually adding a 4-pointer.  From ESPN's Marc Stein:
NBA president of basketball operations Rod Thorn and vice president Kiki Vandeweghe acknowledged in a recent interview with that the league office, at least in an exploratory fashion, has weighed expanding the dimensions of the court and the introduction of a 4-point shot. 
The NBA adopted the 3-point shot from the old ABA starting in the 1979-80 season. As for the prospect of a 4-point shot, Thorn said that, too, is "something that's come up" as an informal proposal.

Is this going to happen?  No.  But we can dream.  The Harlem Globetrotters installed a 4-pointer for their exhibitions vs the Washington Generals in 2010.  And remember the spectacular MTV Rock N' Jock games from the mid-90s?  Check out Gary Payton drilling this 10-pointer off the assist from Kevin Garnett in 1997 (at the :58 second mark):

Via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, the Celtics are shooting 25% (9-36) from the 28-35 foot range this season, which if they were worth 4 points would be as good as shooting 50% on 2s.  Leading the way from that range is Jeff Green, at 28.6% (4-14).  Maybe Danny Ainge had this in mind when he decided to hold on to Uncle Jeff at the trade deadline?

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