Grantland piece on Sully and Trey Burke's friendship is an excellent read

According to Jay King at Jonathan Abrams recent piece for Granland entitled Big Man, Little Man about Jared Sullinger and the Utah Jazz' point guard Trey Burke is a fascinating read:
When Jonathan Abrams writes, I read. Sometimes digesting his features takes 15 or 20 minutes, but time passes by quickly while reading beautifully penned (and reported) pieces on human struggle and triumph. Abrams doesn't really write about sports so much as he provides behind-the-scenes footage of what makes our heroes (or non-heroes) human.

So when he takes the time to write about your local team's 21-year-old big man, the reigning Eastern Conference Player of the Week, you should probably set aside a half-hour in your day to read it.

Many of you are probably at home on a snow day, so it could be a perfect time to read about the friendship of Celtics big man Jared Sullinger and Jazz point guard Trey Burke.

Some of the more interesting bits from the piece in King's opinion include that Sullinger's dad, a high school coaching legend, once sat Jared out of the district semifinals, when his son failed to turn in a high school biology exam.

The team had been undefeated up to that point but were eliminated from the playoffs very unceremoniously with their best player sitting on the bench.

Also, Trey Burke was vastly undervalued coming out of high school probably largely due to his size.

As a result, Ohio State did not put forth an offer and Burke ended up going to their hated rival Michigan where he was a first team All-American last season and led the Wolverines to the NCAA championship game.

Lastly, of course, there's the above headline photo featured in the article of a younger Trey and Jared playing Playstation which is probably one of the coolest pictures anyone's ever seen.

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