Eye on the draft: Should the Celtics trade their pick?

Each eye on the draft we catch up on how the top prospects at the college and international levels have been playing, and more importantly which one(s) could end up in Boston. What we haven't discussed is the option that none of them land in Boston.

No this isn't a push for the playoffs, lets assume Boston remains a likely candidate for a top five pick in June's loaded draft. What if Danny Ainge elects not to use the pick?  We have heard him say that he is not as in love with this draft as everyone else (we also know Danny is not always truthful). We have also seen Ainge trade very high draft picks before. Obviously the Ray Allen deal in 2007 comes to mind - but don't forget the previous draft night in 2006 when Ainge moved the seventh overall pick for Sebastian Telfair.

Mike Gorman was on Toucher & Rich this morning and spoke on this idea:

“I think Danny does what he did 7 or 8 years ago. Danny loves to have chips, that’s why he keeps piling up these draft choices and second round draft choices. He would love to get somebody [in the draft] that he thinks right now would be good, but if they don’t work out he can trade down the line – Al Jefferson being a great example of that. He drafted Al Jefferson with the idea that he could be a very good long term player for the Celtics, and also with the idea that somebody will want him two or three years into his development, which Minnesota did, which brought Kevin Garnett and duck boats. Danny has always drafted chips, whether or not they’re chips to stay in his hand forever, chips he plays six months later, or a year later or two years later. Danny is just looking to win.”

 Interesting outlook here by Gorman. I have been hoping the Celtics use their pick if it indeed lands in the top five... but maybe Ainge just takes a player to move at a later time.

Chips are indeed important, we have been saying it all year. Outside of Rajon Rondo, Boston's top pick is probably their biggest chip unless you see Jared Sullinger developing into a Kevin Love. However, I imagined us knowing on draft night that the pick is either being moved, or the Celtics are bringing in a youngster to build around.

Now we have to remain open to the idea that a college star could be coming here simply to evolve into a larger trade chip for the future. Just another interesting wrinkle in a season where little it known about the future.

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Source: Toucher & Rich

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