Andrew Bynum signs with Indiana Pacers -

The Indiana Pacers announced Saturday they have signed free agent center Andrew Bynum to a contract for the remainder of the season.

“We are obviously happy to have him join our team,” said Pacers President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird. “He gives us added size, he is a skilled big man and he has championship experience. With the minutes he gets, he should be a valuable addition.”

I love this move. I'm not a big Andrew Bynum fan, but I love this move. When Bynum was excused from the Cavs and traded to the Bulls, we all thought it was going to be Miami or the Clippers that would sign him. The agreed upon rumor was that Bynum more or less lost his will to play basketball. That is to say, he lost his will to play basketball on a team that has no shot of winning a title. We all knew that once he landed on a team in contention, Andrew would magically rediscovered his love of the game.

“It really wasn’t a hard decision, I think it’s the right fit for me and, in all honesty, I think we’ve got the best chance of winning,” said Bynum. “It will be great to back up Roy and I’ll do whatever I can to help this team.”

I'm pretty sure that if his knees don't explode, he's going help the Pacers beat the Heat. I'd take Bynum over Oden any day of the week.

The real reason why I love this move? It's got Larry Joe Bird ALL OVER IT! Right in your FACE, Pat Riley. Bird zigs while others zag and that has made all the difference.